Cordless Tools (no batteries)

Cordless Tools (no batteries)
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With an Emergency
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I will transport or pay shipping (see description for details)

Stanley Black & Decker has donated a selection of cordless tools to CERF+ (Craft Emergency Relief Fund + Artists' Emergency Resources) to be distributed to artists in the United States in need of help due to some emergency. The tools were used for demonstration or display purposes by the Stanley Black & Decker marketing department. We assume they are in working order, but cannot guarantee that they are.

Here is a link to the Google spreadsheet list of tools:

Please note that all require batteries, but batteries are not included. A new battery can sometimes cost as much as the tool. Please look into the cost and availability of a battery before requesting a tool. If you already have a cordless tool that uses the same battery as a tool listed here that you need, then you are good shape!

To request a tool be shipped to you, email CERF+ at or use the "email contact form" link on this post. In your note, please include the make and model of tool desired and include your name and shipping address, as well as the type of artist you are.


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10 January 2014
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i need the cordless tool made by DEWALT,MODEL DCF889H

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18 April 2012
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Hi Oluseyi,

I don't know why I didn't receive an email that you had commented on the CERF+ Artists' Relief Exchange regarding your request for a DEWALT, MODEL DCF889H cordless impact wrench, but I was just doing some administrative work in the Exchange and saw the note. I am sorry about that. I will send the tool to you. Hopefully, you understand that the tool does not include the rechargeable battery. Replacement batteries can sometimes cost as much as the tool itself. Assuming you still want the tool, is the 7604 Lamplighter NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109 address the one to ship it to?


P.S. I am emailing this message through regular email as well, to make sure you receive it.